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Creating a Timeless Retreat…

Decorating a baby room is a wonderful opportunity to create a carefree hideaway - a place of slumber and lullabies.


From Tropical Jungle to Noah's Ark, Teddy Bears to Winnie the Pooh: There are many delightful baby room themes to choose from - any one will spark enthusiasm and generate exciting nursery decorating ideas.
But decorating the baby room can be daunting: There's so much choice - nursery bedding sets, furnishings, nursery wall décor and accessories of all kinds! Also young children can soon outgrow even the most enchanting baby room themes.

Co-ordinated nursery bedding sets and matching accessories can make easy work of decorating a baby room, ensuring nursery décor is effective and harmonious.
But mixing and matching presents the opportunity for more imaginative nursery decorating ideas - and it's fun! The key to success with 'mix and match' nursery décor is to select elements - baby nursery pictures, fabrics and accessories - that share color and pattern elements.
Basing nursery décor on neutral wall and floor coverings enables endless variations: Keeping baby room decorating ideas flexible makes it easy to adapt to a young child's developing interests.
By changing just the accessories - nursery bedding sets, pictures and rugs - different nursery decorating ideas can be developed without all the upheaval of a major redecorating project. For a while, at least, baby room themes can grow with your child!

Young children love bright primary colors but large areas can be overwhelming. Decorating the baby room with a subtle, calm color scheme is usually a better choice.
Introducing warm colors - rose, peach or primrose - into your baby room decorating ideas will help create a feeling of coziness.
While a feeling of spaciousness can be created by decorating the baby room with the cool colors - aqua, mint or sky blue. But it is probably best to keep ideas based on this color range for a room with a warm, sunny aspect.
Touches of bright primary colors bring extra interest and visual stimulation. Introducing just small amounts with baby nursery pictures, nursery bedding sets, toys and accessories can transform a room. These are the finishing touches that can bring nursery décor alive!


From a series of framed art prints to big cheerful posters, a collage of birthday cards to giant stick-ups - nursery wall décor can create an interesting focus and highlight of color.
A special picture may provide inspiration for some great baby nursery ideas and the basis for a subtle color scheme.
Pictures can be used to develop baby room themes, giving them added dimension: Baby nursery pictures of animals can extend a Tropical Jungle theme - Paddington Bear pictures a Teddy Bear theme.
Look for baby nursery pictures that you find inspiring - they can be a valuable source for interesting nursery decorating ideas. But, best of all, good nursery wall décor will help to create a special place that excites whimsical fantasy and imaginative storytelling - the essence of a magical childhood!
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Winnie The Pooh
Winnie the Pooh Pictures


Disney Baby Pooh Accent Rug
Pooh Bear rug, throws, wallpaper border ...


Deacon - Goose's Gift
Funny Animal Pictures


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Disney Princess Pictures


Disney Baby Pooh Cute and Cuddly 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set
Winnie the Pooh Baby Bedding


Curious George Pictures and Nursery Room Accessories


Noah's Ark Nursery Room Book Ends


Lambs and Ivy Two's Company 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set
Noah's Ark Baby Bedding

Disney Princess 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set
Disney Princess Baby Bedding

Curious George - White Rabbit
Curious George Pictures



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